eCC Adds Order Consolidation, Rakuten Support

Accounting and ecommerce integration tool eCC has added a feature to combine multiple orders for accounting purposes, and has also integrated with marketplace

eCC's "Consolidated Syncing" feature combines multiple orders into a single transaction in QuickBooks Online or Xero. This enables accurate summary data, without the need to import all transactions. All sales for a day or month can be combined into a single transaction, but broken out into line items for products and fees.

eCC now supports marketplace (formerly known as Users can also connect to any store by downloading orders in a CSV format.

"With every new feature and with each added sales channel, eCC customers gain more flexibility and financial intelligence," said Webgility Director of Product Rob McGrorty. "Webgility software empowers e-commerce companies so they can grow their businesses faster, and that raises the game of the entire e-commerce marketplace."

Source: PRWeb

Tagged: Accounting
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