Bigcommerce Launch Accounting App for QuickBooks Online

Cloud ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has released a new bookkeeping app which connects to Intuit's QuickBooks Online accounting tool.

The app automatically creates sales receipts in QuickBooks when an order is placed through Bigcommerce. It can also sync products, customers, taxes, discounts, refunds and shipping charges. The integration has been developed by Bigcommerce themselves, so financial data is not accessible by any third-party software developers.

"I have never used Quickbooks prior to this app being available," said Bigcommerce client Craig Stafford. "Setup was quite easy, even though I've only started using accounting software this month. This is running seamlessly with Quickbooks and saving me so much time now that I don't need to enter every sale into other software manually. This has taken away the stress of bookkeeping for me."

The app is free for Bigcommerce users in the US. Support for merchants in Canada, the UK and Australia will be made available in the coming months.

Source: Bigcommerce

Tagged: Accounting
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