Skubana Adds MCF Automation, Starts Analytics Beta

Multi-channel ecommerce ERP Skubana has released a number of new features, including improvements for merchants using Amazon's FBA fulfillment service for non-Amazon orders (a practice known as MCF).

After setting the fulfillment source to multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) Skubana can route orders to an Amazon distribution center automatically or on an order-by-order basis. Bundle listings can also be handled through MCF, and shipped as single or multiple packages.

Skubana has also added the ability to mark orders as shipped directly in the system, and after downloading an order marked as "awaiting payment" will check back periodically to update the payment and order status.

Finally, beta testing has begun of a new analytics module which features many new insights to increase business profits.

Source: Skubana

Tagged: Supplier News
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