Volo Commerce Launches FBA Connect

Multichannel ecommerce solution Volo has released a new management and analytics tool for Amazon FBA sellers.

The new feature, called FBA Connect, is designed to help sellers grow their Amazon sales and improve their operational efficiencies.

FBA Connect provides a workflow that allows users to analyse sales performance on Amazon, automate the synchronisation of stock levels, receive sales orders, perform multi-channel fulfilment, book FBA partner couriers, organise FBA consignments and raise shipments.

By mirroring the Amazon FBA workflow, Volo FBA Connect enables sellers to run all aspects of their Amazon business – along with their other sales channels and marketplaces – from within the Volo platform.

Volo's analytics gives sellers an accurate picture of stock performance so that they can select the right quantities of the right items with the best potential to sell, and then fulfill them in the most cost-effective manner.

FBA Connect also allows businesses to separate pick, pack and dispatch for FBA consignments from sales orders, so dedicated teams can be assigned different parts of the workflow.

Paul Watson, CEO of Volo Commerce, said "Our customers continually tell us that it is hard work managing FBA without good analytics because there are so many data points to consider. By integrating Volo analytics and FBA, sellers can easily allocate items to consignments if they are selling well. It's also important to know how fast an item sells, how many days of stock are left and how long it takes for new stock to come in, so that sellers can plan accordingly. The platform also provides a wide range of labelling and courier options, to maximise cost efficiencies.  We are delighted to be able to bring this to market in time for sellers to be ready for the peak trading period."

Source: Volo

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