ChannelAdvisor Release Improves Marketplace Access, Analytics and Ad Campaigns

Marketplace management tool ChannelAdvisor has a new version with enhanced capabilities in several areas.

New analytics features include a benchmarking dashboard called ECOMpass which shows retailers how their performance compares with other retailers and brands. ECOMpass Benchmarking tracks data and examines the listing details from thousands of retailers to produce a view of the ecommerce industry in a retailer's own product category.

ChannelAdvisor's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) analytics provide retailers with a complete picture of the costs of selling using FBA. Retailers can calculate their total product costs more easily, and identify fast-selling SKUs to estimate how long the existing quantity of those products will last and avoid overselling.

"Access ChannelAdvisor" is a new sales channel network, allowing a wide variety of marketplaces and other channels to integrate with the ChannelAdvisor platform. It gives customers access to new sales channels more quickly than before, including Wish, Bluefly, Choxi, Flubit, Game, Iguama, Mirakl, and Tanga.

ChannelAdvisor is helping retailers expand to France through its integration with Cdiscount, and has expanded its support of Zalando beyond Germany to include Zalando in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and the Netherlands. The fashion marketplace is the largest online-only clothing and shoe retailer in Germany, approaching a 10 percent share of the online fashion market.

Finally, ChannelAdvisor has enhanced the paid advertising features available in ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing. ChannelAdvisor can manage campaigns using Amazon Sponsored Products ads and also Amazon's latest self-service advertising offering, Amazon Text Ads (Beta) – pay-per-click text ads which link directly to the advertiser's website. ChannelAdvisor can also manage Facebook dynamic product ads.

"Marketplaces and digital marketing channels used to require different approaches, but they will overlap in the next era of e-commerce," said Link Walls, ChannelAdvisor vice president of product management. "There's a greater need for retailers to understand metrics across all channels so they can blend their online strategies appropriately. Retailers can use the resources included in this release to prepare for what's ahead."

Source: ChannelAdvisor (Release Notes)

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