Ordoro eBay Improvements: GTC, Auction Inventory Quantities, Pay By Phone

Order management tool Ordoro has released a number of improvements to its integration with eBay.

Ordoro now supports eBay's Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) listings, which are automatically renewed instead of expiring after 30 days. Merchants can choose the out-of-stock control option which keeps listings live in case the available inventory hits zero, then allows the original listing to be reactivated when new stock arrives.

Ordoro also now supports inventory quantity updates for eBay auction listings. When a product is on an auction at eBay while also being offered on other sales channels, each channel will be updated when the available inventory changes.

Finally, Ordoro can handle pay-by-phone and pay-in-person payment options for eBay sales. Ordoro will import the order but tag it as unpaid until payment is completed.

Source: Ordoro

Tagged: Supplier News
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