Shopify Updates: New POS Card Reader; Direct USPS Printing; New Xero App

Ecommerce platform Shopify has released a new credit card reader for its POS system, as well as direct printing of USPS shipping labels and a new Xero accounting integration.

Shopify's new credit card reader supports contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as new chip-based ("EMV") credit and debit cards. The reader connects wirelessly to any iPhone or iPad running Shopify POS, and is available to pre-order for $99. Shopify merchants who buy the new reader are protected against any fraudulent transactions resulting from swiped chip cards, until the new reader is received.

The deadline for US retailers to switch to a chip-enabled card reader is October 1st, and retailers swiping chipped cards after that date could be held liable for any fraudulent transactions.

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Shopify sellers can now buy and print USPS shipping labels directly through Shopify. Discounted shipping rates have been negotiated for merchants, saving up to 40% on a 5lb package being shipped from New York City to Chicago. Packages can be dropped off at any USPS location or a free home pick up arranged.

Shopify's postage-printing system is provided through an integration with Endicia. Harry Whitehouse, CTO and co-founder of Endicia, said, "Shopify and Endicia are committed to improving the selling experience for online retailers and consumers alike. It's important that Shopify sellers are able to ship their products quickly or they risk losing return customers and future sales. This integration provides hundreds of thousands of Shopify users an efficient and seamless shipping solution."

"Shipping is a fundamental component of any online merchant's workflow. We're focused on streamlining shipping and product delivery for our merchants, so they can focus on other aspects of growing their business," said Louis Kearns, Director of Product and Merchant Solutions at Shopify. "With Shopify Shipping, not only are we saving merchants time and money, but we're also giving them the foundation they need to perfect their fulfillment strategy. We expect to expand these benefits to merchants in other geographies with additional shipping providers over time."

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Finally, Shopify has released a new Xero app to provide better integration with the popular accounting tool.

Shopify merchants can now seamlessly export product, payment, tax, and customer data into Xero instead of manually copying the data.

Source: Shopify for POS, USPS and Xero

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