ShipStation Adds Automatic Rate Calculation; Support for Shipping Consolidator IMEX

Order management tool ShipStation has added automatic calculation of shipping rates, and support for US and global shipping consolidator IMEX.

The "Auto Rate" feature automatically gets shipping rates without the need for user input. If the user then changes an order's weight, service, package, or anything else that impacts shipping, ShipStation will automatically recalculate the rate with the new information.

ShipStation has also announced a new relationship with shipping consolidation company IMEX Global Solutions. IMEX provides ecommerce merchants with access to discounted shipping rates and a simplified international shipping process. The company is also a Qualified Wholesaler for the USPS and provides special services for UK consumers through a relationship with Royal Mail. With the new integration, online merchants can quickly and easily create IMEX shipping labels using ShipStation.

"ShipStation is an important new partner for IMEX. We share a vision of providing the easiest path for online retailers to access the right international shipping solutions at a cost that is in line with customer expectations," says Robert Puppa, executive vice president of IMEX Global Solutions, Inc. "IMEX prides itself on constant improvement and we look forward to the benefits this partnership will bring to ShipStation and IMEX customers alike."

Source: ShipStation for Automatic Rate Calculation and IMEX Global Solutions

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