M2E Pro Controversy Over New Pricing

Popular Magento-to-eBay extension M2E Pro, which has been provided for free since it was first launched, recently announced new pricing then quickly retracted it after user complaints, reports Tamebay.

M2E Pro originally announced prices ranging from $19.00 to $999.00 per month, per marketplace account. Marketplace accounts in M2E Pro are defined as eBay, Amazon America, Amazon Europe and Rakuten.

The company than removed the new prices from their pricing page and instead announced a survey which will be used to determine the new pricing.

There has been speculation that eBay are no longer funding M2E Pro, as their eBay Enterprise division which includes Magento was sold off earlier this year. An M2E Pro spokesperson said "As you may know, we have been closely working with our partner – eBay during last 4 years and have delivered best in class solution to dozens of thousands of Magento based merchants worldwide. We are very grateful to eBay for taking the lead and fully subsidizing m2e pro (eBay) during all these years. Without eBay's support many thousands of merchants would not be able to take advantage of power of selling on multi channels".

Source: Tamebay

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