SalesWarp Product Management Updates

Ecommerce management software SalesWarp has released a number of updates to how product information is managed within the system.

SalesWarp 2.8.1 includes auto-update price fields, so price changes can be automatically published to sales channels without the separate Publishing add-on tool.

SalesWarp now supports multiple variations for configurable products. The Product Import tools can be used to identify variations and assign them to a master SKU.

Improvements have been made to product images, so multiple product images can be added to a SKU directly in SalesWarp or by specifying a URL. The product view page allows the main image to be specified and the Publishing add-on can exclude specific images from certain sales channels.

Finally, product import, export and sync have been improved. SalesWarp can sync products with Amazon, Ebay, Magento or Bigcommerce or import product data into the system directly from a specified store.

Source: SalesWarp

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