RetailOps Releases Magento Extension

Ecommerce management solution RetailOps has released a new extension for the Magento shopping cart, along with a regular product update which includes data import improvements.

RetailOps' Extension for Magento is now live on the Magento Connect marketplace. The extension provides RetailOps customers who use Magento improved performance and functionality over standard Magento APIs by more tightly integrating RetailOps to the Magento platform.

The functionality provided by the RetailOps extension for Magento includes automatic catalog, attribute, image, category and inventory data export from RetailOps to Magento in addition to Magento order processing functions including import into RetailOps, status updates, shipment tracking export, item returns and order cancelation.

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The latest RetailOps feature release adds price attributes to the data import tool, so tiered prices can be imported from flat files. The purchase order module now allows more types of POs to be marked as manually submitted, including Dropship and JIT.

SKU Filtering has been added to the Shipment Wave Tool, so fulfillment waves can be prioritized for specific products.

The cost-based shipment routing system has been upgraded to record and model per-shipment surcharges which are added for JIT or Dropship purchase orders. These settings enable RetailOps to make more accurate routing decisions to save costs and ship orders quickly.

Other changes include minor improvements and bug fixes.

Source: RetailOps for Magento Extension and Feature Release

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