Teapplix Adds Support for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

Shipping and accounting automation tool Teapplix has added support for Amazon's "Seller Fulfilled Prime" program, which allows third-party sellers who ship their own products to take part in Amazon Prime.

Teapplix supports the new Amazon "Buy Shipping" API so sellers can purchase shipping labels for Amazon orders directly in Teapplix, in bulk. Buying shipping labels from Amazon is required for participation in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Teapplix automatically recognizes Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, and allows those orders to be filtered automatically and moved into a separate queue for expedited handling.

Sellers that turn on the Buy Shipping API for their Amazon account will be able to bulk-print shipping labels using the same automated process. Teapplix supports all the carriers that Amazon provides today: USPS, UPS, FedEx and Stamps.com.

The Teapplix integration to the Amazon Buy Shipping API speeds up Amazon merchants' operations, and allow them to participate in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime while keeping the same automated workflow.

Source: Teapplix

Tagged: Shipping
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