M2E Pro Announces Price Plans

The developer of Magento-to-eBay extension M2E Pro has announced their new price plans after eBay stopped funding the plug-in, reports Tamebay.

The announcement is M2E Pro's third since first informing users that they would start charging for the service.

The first announcement was unexpected and controversial amongst M2E Pro users, leading to a retraction and a survey of the extension's large user base. The survey had 547 responses and 338 written comments.

There are 10 new price plans, each of which are offered with the option for listings or orders functionality, or both - known as M2E Complete. Prices range from $7.50 for $5,000 in sales per month to $999 for $1 million in sales per month. Prices are not adjusted for other currencies, so UK sellers will pay up to £999 per month, albeit on a higher level of sales of £1 million.

The first 30 days billing cycle started on the 1st of November, and those wishing to continue using M2E Pro beyond 15 December will need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Source: Tamebay

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