CommerceHub Adds Support for Yahoo Product Ads

Ecommerce marketing tool CommerceHub DemandStream has added support for Yahoo's new Product Ads.

DemandStream users can now manage Yahoo campaigns alongside other ad channels (such as Google and Bing) and make informed decisions on how to best optimize these campaigns. They can manage ad groups and product groups, as well as bulk bid updates, for Yahoo campaigns.

The Bing/Yahoo advertising partnership agreement was amended in 2015, making Bing Ads less prevalent on Yahoo properties over time. Moving forward, up to 49% of ads displayed in Yahoo's search results on desktops could be served by Yahoo's Gemini ad platform instead of Bing Ads. For mobile, 100% of Yahoo search ads are eligible to come from Yahoo Gemini.

Retailers who have generated the majority of their revenue from Bing Product Ads displayed on Yahoo properties, and haven't started using Yahoo Gemini, could lose revenue during the transition.

Yahoo recently announced the general availability of Yahoo Product Ads, after extensive beta testing.

Source: CommerceHub

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