Bigcommerce and Sift Science Partner on Automated Fraud Detection

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has partnered with fraud detection company Sift Science.

As a result, Bigcommerce has introduced a new single-click application to automatically detect potential fraud for online merchants with significant order volume.

Sift Science's tool looks at thousands of behavioral and identity signals before and after an order takes place to uncover hidden clues and red flags. Using this data, the app distinguishes legitimate users from fraudsters, and assigns a Sift Score to quantify the potential risk. The score ranges from 1 to 100, with 1 being safe, and 100 being almost certainly fraudulent.

"We were able to catch two quite obviously fraudulent orders and cancel shipping within 30 minutes of installing Sift," says Arthur Maitre, ecommerce manager at Native Union, a Bigcommerce beta tester for the Sift Science integration.

Source: Bigcommerce

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