Stitch Barcode Generation, New Reports and NuORDER Integration

Marketplace management tool Stitch has added a number of new features in its latest release.

Stitch has put barcode generation in beta, allowing sellers to create barcode labels for inventory items and FBA shipments from both the variant and purchase order views. When an inbound order is received, sellers can now quickly print off labels for all the new stock.

New reports in Stitch include:

  • The Warehouse Low Stock report provides a snapshot of all the items that are running low within a warehouse.
  • The Product Tag Drill Down report filters sales by product tags to find trends across product groupings such as brand.
  • The Variant Listings Associations report shows everywhere a variant is listed.

Stitch has also integrated with wholesale marketplace NuORDER. The integration allows Stitch users to showcase their products to retailers buying at wholesale.

Source: Stitch Labs for Feature Release and NuORDER Integration

Tagged: Marketplaces
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