Bigcommerce to Introduce Order Caps in 2016

Cloud-based shopping cart Bigcommerce is introducing maximum order levels to its pricing in the new year, reports Tamebay.

The reason for the change is that old Bigcommerce plans failed to take into account sales growth, so there are sellers who turn over $10m-$30m in annual sales yet still pay only $30 a month on the basic plan. Maintaining service levels for those sellers costs more than the fees that they pay.

Bigcommerce will now eliminate transaction fees but introduce an order limit based on sales in the last 12 months. The standard plan at $29.95 per month will have an order cap of 500, the Plus plan will allow 1000 orders for $79.95, and the Pro Plan will cost $199.95 per month.

Bigcommerce says that around 80% of Bigcommerce merchants will not see a change in current monthly pricing, or will even pay a lower price.

Source: Tamebay

Tagged: Supplier News
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