ProfitSourcery Quadruples Minimum Arbitrage Profit Per Item

Online arbitrage deal finder ProfitSourcery has increased the minimum profit per item to $15 (or £10) under their Accelerator price plan.

ProfitSourcery is online arbitrage software that scans millions of retail products a month to find those that can be sold on Amazon at a profit.

ProfitSourcery CEO Ed Brooks said, "Thanks to all of our customers that got back to us telling us what they loved about ProfitSourcery – and what needed improving. For starters – we have quadrupled the minimum profit markup per item from £2.50 to £10 after Amazon Seller and FBA fees."

Brooks continued: "Secondly – We now have an experienced Amazon seller manually checking each product before it goes into the system. They will look at all of the products to make sure that they're perfect matches and not out of stock at the time of sending them through to you. Remember though that you will still need to check CamelCamelCamel to make sure it's what YOU want to sell, but you will see far less out of stocks and no mismatches. Thirdly, We've had requests from customers to expanded the sales rank profile, including margin rich products that are outside of the top1%. Products in the top 1% can be highly volatile; their prices may change quickly and the competition is high. This means there will be less competition and more stable prices for the products you see."

The price of a ProfitSourcery Accelerator subscription remains unchanged at $77 or £45 per month.

Source: ProfitSourcery

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