InventoryLab Improves Accounting Accuracy

Amazon selling tool InventoryLab has made a number of changes to make it easier for users to understand their accounts and reconcile reports from Amazon.

The changes include:

  • Amazon fees and buy costs are now logged at the original sale date, rather than the refund date, in the case of refunded orders.
  • Refund administration fees are now captured separately in the expenses section of the Profit and Loss report.
  • FBA Transaction Fees and Shipping Credit Refunds have been added as line items in expenses.
  • Selling Fee Refunds have been added as a line item in expenses, to show Amazon's credit back to the seller.
  • Reimbursements due to customer returns now have a zero buy cost to prevent duplication.
  • Credits for buy costs are now captured in the case of refunds which are resaleable.

Source: InventoryLab

Tagged: Accounting
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