Zenstores Integrates With Etsy

UK shipping tool Zenstores is now integrated with the Etsy marketplace.

Zenstores streamlines the management of orders from single or multiple shops and makes dispatching items through a variety of couriers quick and easy. The platform also supports sellers who list their products on more than one marketplace at the same time, such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon.

Paul Snook, owner of Apple Crates UK, is a long-time Etsy user: "I sell my handmade crates on Etsy and as my sales increased keeping track of all those orders and where they needed to go became a nightmare. Zenstores has all my orders in one place and I can automatically print labels for Royal Mail and other couriers without any copy and pasting. It's saved me at least an hour every day."

Zenstores launched in January 2015 and saw more than one million orders shipped through its platform in its first year.

Source: Zenstores

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