Estafeta Adds Delivery Services to Mexico from Pacific Rim Countries

Logistics company Estafeta USA has introduced a new service for 3PL providers, manufacturers and distributors in Pacific Rim countries looking to ship their products to Mexico.

Estafeta can pick-up shipments from warehouses in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan and Philippines for shipment to Mexico, or collect shipments sent to Mexico by air freight.

Once shipments arrive in Mexico, Estafeta will arrange for distribution and delivery to customer homes or places of business.

Their is no limit to weight or size, pallets can be handled, DDU and DDP (duty unpaid/duty paid) services are available, and Estafeta can provide customs support.

Estafeta has broad coverage in Mexico, delivering to 32,000 zip codes with over 120,000 daily shipments. Estafeta's Pacific Rim logistics specialists in Houston speak English and Spanish.

Source: Estafeta USA

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