Skubana Release Adds Barcoding and eBay Out Of Stock Control

The latest release of multi-channel ecommerce ERP Skubana includes barcoding (in beta), eBay Out of Stock control, memo notes for purchase orders and a new analytics quick view.

From this month, Skubana is accepting beta testers for barcoding. Barcodes enable more efficient pick and pack processes and better product tracking.

eBay Out of Stock control enables GTC (Good 'Till Canceled) items to stay live and retain sales history even when the inventory level reaches zero. When stock is replenished the listing becomes visible again and buyers can purchase items.

Skubana's new custom notes for purchase orders allow users to annotate PO's with internal instructions and reminders, for example to distribute stock to multiple warehouses once it arrives. 

Finally, an analytics quick view makes Skubana's analytics easier to read and breakdown. Reports can now be broken down into 30, 60 & 90 day increments to provide a quick business overview.

Source: Skubana

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