ShipStation Adds Own Inventory Management Module

Order management tool ShipStation now has its own built-in inventory tracking features, and stronger integrations with third-party inventory management software.

ShipStation's new inventory module is focused on tracking, managing, and monitoring stock levels, allocating stock to high priority orders, and preventing out-of-stock orders from shipping. The tools are designed to give online retailers confidence in selling and shipping, knowing that their inventory levels are tracked and low volume alerts can be triggered if they fall below a certain threshold.

ShipStation have also deepened their relationships with existing inventory partners. ShipStation can now show inventory levels from tools like Stitch Labs and ChannelAdvisor, as well as fulfillment providers like Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

"Inventory management has been one of ShipStation's most requested user features," says ShipStation's Vice President of Marketing Robert Gilbreath. "We're extremely excited to provide this solution. Based on the feedback from our early users, our inventory tools are easy, intuitive, and effective. Our inventory partners love the fact that we've made it simple for the information from their systems to flow into ShipStation as it lets them be an even more effective part of the user's workflow."

Source: ShipStation

Tagged: Shipping
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