Rakuten Super Logistics Launches New Website

Third-party order logistics company Rakuten Super Logistics has launched a redesigned website.

The new website, at www.RakutenSL.com, features an updated design for easy navigation and an engaging user experience to facilitate connections with ecommerce retailers interested in outsourcing their order fulfillment to RSL.

Acquired by Rakuten in June 2013, Webgistix changed its name to Rakuten Super Logistics in June 2014. The Webgistix brand is now used for the company's software platform, which has been renamed Webgistix SmartSuite Technology and Services. It includes:

  • SmartFill cloud-based order management and inventory tracking.
  • SmartStock Fulfillment network analysis for efficient inventory placement in the 2 Day Delivery Network.
  • SmartShip live shipping cost optimization to calculate optimal shipping methods.
  • SmartFreight all-in-one turn-key freight services covering domestic and international freight including customs consultation and clearance.

"RakutenSL.com is designed to connect RSL with fast growing online retailers who are looking for a partnership in order fulfillment," said Becky Wood, Chief Marketing Officer at Rakuten Super Logistics. "As part of Rakuten, RSL is rewriting the rules of acquisition by evolving the company's brand to facilitate market awareness, company growth, and most importantly lasting connections with clients and employees."

Source: Rakuten Super Logistics

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