eBay and BigCommerce Announce Strategic Partnership

Ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has a new partnership with eBay to enable BigCommerce merchants to seamlessly list their products and manage their inventory on the eBay marketplace.

"It's never been more important for business owners to manage and sell across multiple channels, and this partnership allows our customers to take advantage of a thriving marketplace that will bring them new customers and turn that discovery into revenue," said Brent Bellm, CEO of BigCommerce.

"Multiple sales channels can introduce complexity, but this integration will bring our customers a more efficient way to grow their businesses, and save them time previously spent managing multiple platforms."

BigCommerce users will be able to list, manage and sell on the eBay marketplace through the BigCommerce control panel. The integration will provide:

  • Centralized inventory management
  • Rapid bulk listing
  • Quantity, price and description synchronization

Beta testing of the eBay integration will begin in the third quarter of 2016.

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BigCommerce has also integrated a new version of PayPal's Express Checkout which allows payment to be made without visiting the PayPal website. PayPal's "in-context" checkout allows shoppers to stay on the webstore's checkout page eliminating a potential barrier to completing the payment process.

A new mobile payment tool from PayPal, also now integrated with BigCommerce, provides a simpler checkout experience for mobile buyers by storing payment data on the customer's mobile device. With PayPal One Touch, a shopper can fill in their credit card data on checkout pages in just a few clicks.

Source: BigCommerce

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Could be interesting if . . .
12 Apr 2016
I have been using Big Commerce for a couple of years and am generally positive about the platform. Excellent customer service and easy to use back end.

However, I wasted numerous hours trying to use their vaporware ebay "integration" about a year ago, only to find that 1) It doesn't list variants, 2) It only enables one picture per listing 3) If you tried to add more pictures within the ebay listing, it would mess up the syncronization.

Of course, I could have avoided this wasted effort if BC had been upfront about the limitations of their ebay "integration," but they were pushing it as a feature and I guess revealing that it was pretty much useless to most users probably wouldn't have helped them in their struggle with their competitors. It was slick and a bit dishonest. It was part of the reason I signed up with Big Commerce, and yes, I resent it.

So, will the new program work? I hope so: it would be useful. But I wouldn't stake my business on it. Will it list variants? Will it allow multiple pictures, as any ebay seller needs? Is it so buggy that you'll spend endless hours trying to outguess sketchy or incorrect documentation? As with many of these integrations, the devil is in the details.
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