Ad-Lister Adds Support for New eBay View Item Description Summaries

eBay listing tool Ad-Lister is the first lister to support eBay's new View Item description summaries, reports Tamebay.

Less than a week after the announcement of the new View Item description summaries for mobile devices, Ad-Lister have updated their software so sellers can add a custom summary before the launch in July. At launch, a simple bulk update can be used to make the new summaries live on eBay.

The new View Item description summaries are limited to 800 characters and are automatically derived from the standard listing description, unless the seller specifies their own custom summary using special HTML tags yet to be announced by eBay.

Ad-Lister also has a new design, with a refreshed dashboard showing listing status and sales data. Changes to descriptions, postage, prices and other attributes can be made in bulk, and the new Ad-Lister is fully mobile responsive.

Source: Tamebay

Tagged: Listers
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