Tradebox to Integrate With Multiple Accounting Tools

The next version of ecommerce accounting connector Tradebox Finance Manager will work with new accounting programs, in addition to Sage Accounts.

The new Finance Manager, to be called "Tradebox v1", has been completely rewritten to provide integration with multiple accounting packages including Xero, Quickbooks and Sage One.

As well as a new user interface, there will be a separate service to poll all of the platforms Tradebox integrates with, downloading orders, adjusting stock and uploading stock levels across all channels.

Tradebox v1 has been going through an intensive pre-release program, and once out of the testing stage the company is hoping to have the new version available by the end of Q2 2017. After the release, support will be added for additional accountancy platforms.

Pricing will remain the same, solely based on the number of channels the user needs to be integrated.

Source: Tradebox

Tagged: Accounting
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