SellerActive Updates Include Velocity Pricing and Partial Shipments on Shopify

Marketplace management tool SellerActive has released four new features this week.

The new features are:

  • Velocity Pricing, which allows automatic prices updates for SKUs based on sales volume. This is a powerful new repricing method for sellers with no competition to base price changes on, such as private-label sellers.
  • Line Item Updates, allowing orders with multiple line items to be updated individually, instead of for the whole order. This is useful for sellers that use dropshipping, or have items coming from multiple locations.
  • Partial Shipments on Shopify, so orders with multiple items within Shopify can be shipped separately and send tracking information to Shopify separately for each item.
  • Purchase Queue Upload, so multiple inventory items in the Low Stock Report can be moved to the Purchase Queue at once.

Source: SellerActive

Tagged: Supplier News
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