Shiptheory Launches Own Multi-Carrier Shipping API

UK shipping tool Shiptheory has released a new API, allowing developers to integrate other systems with Shiptheory's multi-carrier shipping engine.

The Shiptheory API makes multiple carriers available through just one consistent endpoint. Retailers only need to integrate with one API to entirely automate their shipping.

The Shiptheory API is a REST API, exchanging data using either JSON or XML. It supports the following functions:

  • Book a consignment with a carrier
  • Get a consignment and print labels

Shiptheory founder James Mikkelson said, "Developing integrations with carrier software is tricky. Every carrier has a different set of requirements and reams of documentation. The Shiptheory API takes the pain out of the development process for our users, providing one unified endpoint for all our supported carriers."

Source: Shiptheory

Tagged: Shipping
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