Xpress Lister Creates eBay Listings Using Just UPC and Price

Excel-driven eBay lister Xpress Lister has a new feature which creates eBay listings from just two pieces of data.

For any items in the eBay catalogue, Xpress Lister can create a full eBay listing from just an EAN/UPC and a price. A simple two-column spreadsheet can be used to create hundreds or thousands of eBay listings in a single upload.

Codisto CEO Jonathan Pollard said, "With our recent release, it is now possible to create listings from only a UPC/EAN code and a price - just two pieces of data! If the products exist in the eBay catalog, Xpress Lister will complete the eBay title, find images and complete relevant item specifics. That is an incredible time saver for anyone selling on eBay. Simply upload a spreadsheet of two columns, UPC/EAN code and price and Xpress Lister can create thousands of eBay listings in literally seconds."

Xpress Lister was designed to create a new standard in speed and usability for eBay listing tools. It auto-categorizes products, prevents image errors, and applies a mobile responsive eBay template automatically.


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