CORESense Releases Purchase Order Management Enhancements

The Spring release for multichannel ecommerce software tool CORESense includes over 10 enhancements to purchase order, transfer and receiving functionality.

According to Chris Martin, CORESense's President, "The CORESense Spring 2016 release begins a major platform upgrade supporting upcoming security and performance improvements and future quality, reliability and usability enhancements. We also made a number of customer suggested enhancements to the CORESense Connect Retail and Ecommerce Management Platform and extended the capabilities of our new CORESense Connect Point of Sale (POS) and Store Operations solution."

Notable features include:

  • Point of Sale (POS) and store operations enhancements, including the ability to create and manage quotes, email receipts to customers during checkout, view items on purchase order and back order, as well as a number of improvements that decrease checkout time and improve customer service.
  • Purchase Order Management Enhancements, including the ability to import vendor SKUs via CSV files to create or modify purchase orders and transfers, to add or delete vendor SKUs from an open purchase order, to update the cost of replenishment SKUs in the purchase order queue, to view all vendor SKUs in the purchase order queue, and to display totals at the bottom of the purchase order queue screen.
  • A new Time Clock feature providing the ability for CORESense users to clock in and out from the CORESense Point of Sale. It also includes a management interface for correcting errors and exporting time worked data for input into payroll systems.
  • Multi-Select Filter Options, making it simpler and quicker to select multiple filter options in the Retail and Ecommerce Management Platform.
  • Reporting Updates, including a number of customer-requested enhancements to standard reporting tools as well as the Datamart enhanced reporting and analytics engine, enhancing the ability to analyze operations and make timely and accurate business decisions.

In all there are over 60 enhancements or new features in the release.

"Providing a constant stream of new features and product enhancements is a key part of the CORESense product offering", said Chris Martin, CORESense President. "The Spring 2016 release supports our mission of providing all-in-one solutions that enables the growth and success of our clients."

Source: CORESense

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