ReplyManager Releases New Message Filters, Templates, Reports and More

Ecommerce customer support tool ReplyManager has released a number of new features.

Folders, Labels and Rules streamline operations by automatically filtering, sorting and organizing incoming messages according to preset conditions.

Templates make responses more efficient by pre-populating information for common replies. Templates can be customized by sales channel and edited manually, or set to auto-respond using conditions.

SmartTags automatically input data from the customer query, such as name and order ID, to create a personalized response at a faster rate.

A new Reports Dashboard tracks activity across multiple marketplaces, and generates graphs to help identify areas of success and areas for improvement, and measure compliance with marketplace performance requirements.

ReplyManager's Message Dashboard is fully integrated with Amazon and eBay, providing direct access to customer and order details from within a single interface.

Source: ReplyManager

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