ShipStation Integrates with UPS in the UK and Australia

Shipping system ShipStation is now integrated with UPS in the UK and Australia.

UPS is the second supported carrier for Australian ecommerce merchants, and UPS is ShipStation's first supported carrier in the UK.

"We're thrilled to provide UK and Australian retailers with this integration," says ShipStation's VP of Marketing, Robert Gilbreath. "By offering a feature-rich integration with UPS UK and Australia, we are helping our users become exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders, wherever they sell and however they ship."

Customers will have access to the following UPS features:

  • Negotiated rates
  • Discounts for multi-package shipping
  • Third-party billing for shipping charges
  • Saturday delivery

"Selling online today is easier and faster than ever before," says Gilbreath. "E-commerce businesses are popping up all over the world, every day. ShipStation is the platform they use that gives them the options they need."

Source: ShipStation

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