888 Lots Launches Custom Liquidation Lots

Liquidation products seller 888 Lots has released a new feature that enables customers to create their own lot of goods.

The new feature "Make a LOT" allows wholesale buyers to make their own product choices using their online platform. Liquidation lots are usually pre-selected by the company based on the product category.

Writing on the company's blog, 888 Lots CEO Albert Palacci said, "This feature is truly a game changer. There is no other wholesale or liquidation company on the market that will give you the opportunity to choose your own products and create your own lot with them."

Products eligible for the new feature are marked with a "Make a LOT" button, and a new filter can be used to show only eligible items. At least eight items need to be selected to create a custom lot, then an offer can be made for an 888 Lots sales representative to consider.

Make a LOT is also eligible for 888 Lots' FBA preparation program.

Source: 888 Lots

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