XSellco Fusion Adds Support for Cdiscount, Allegro and Fnac

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion now works with French marketplaces Cdiscount and Fnac, and Polish marketplace Allegro.

"These new integrations provide a massive opportunity for online sellers to continue to grow their online business, improve operational efficiencies and offer exceptional support, no matter where their customers are coming from", said Victor Corcoran, CEO of XSellco. "In an increasingly competitive eCommerce industry, it's imperative that online sellers have the ability to expand their reach and have access to exciting new channels and marketplaces. With Fusion, our customers can achieve this."

Cdiscount and Fnac are the second-largest and third-largest ecommerce websites in France, respectively. Allegro is the fifth-largest online marketplace in Europe.

XSellco Fusion provides integrations with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more. An auto-translation feature automatically translates every incoming message into the agent's own language, and translates replies back into the customer's language.

Source: XSellco

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