Stone Edge to Release Web-Based Version

Order management software company Stone Edge, sold by former owner Monsoon Commerce in February this year, has provided an update on the future of the system.

Writing on the Stone Edge blog, new CEO Weiwei Li said, "I'm excited to share news with you about IRCE, Stone Edge Order Manager and introduce the soon to arrive web-based version – Stone Edge Fusion. In the future, some components of Stone Edge Order Manager will be treated as separate modules to enable changes to be made more rapidly, ease the burden of program maintenance on users, and seamlessly integrate with third party solutions."

The new modules, which will be provided free to customers with an active maintenance agreement, include:

  • Stone Edge Channel Manager, which will connect Stone Edge Order Manager to sales channels.
  • Stone Edge Sync Manager, which will sync inventory and orders between Stone Edge Order Manager and Stone Edge Fulfillment/Shipping Manager.
  • Stone Edge Fulfillment/Shipping Manager, a cloud-based module which will manage various styles of order fulfillment and and shipping and integrate with third-party services such as ShipStation and Shippo.

The aim is to provide a simplified Stone Edge Order Manager focusing on setup, batch order processing, drop shipping, purchase orders, receiving, and inventory.

Go-live dates for Stone Edge Fusion are expected to be start in the next few months.

Source: Stone Edge

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