BQool Repricing Central Gets a Makeover

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central has been updated with a new user interface and several new features.

The user interface has a new contemporary look, and several additional columns including a repricing rule power button, inventory quantity, estimated fees, estimated profits, and estimated profit %.

To ease the process of searching through inventory, BQool has added a number of new filters as well as new Favorite Filter settings. With a new Group function, users can now group or categorize listings to meet their specific needs.

Repricing Central now supports uploads of InventoryLab's Closed Batch Report file, to automatically populate inventory costs to individual listings.

The popular profit calculator has been enhanced to allow estimations by either profit percentage or amount, cost, or applicable fees. The calculator includes various FBA fees to help estimate the price for FBA items. For European marketplaces, the calculator can take VAT rates into account if needed.

Finally, Repricing Central now shows the repricing history for the past 24 hours, allowing users to get a clear picture of where they stand against their competition and adjust pricing strategies or rules accordingly.

Source: BQool

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