iLoveToReview Removes Requirement to Leave a Review

Amazon product launch service iLoveToReview has removed its requirement for consumers to leave a review, following Amazon's recent ban of incentivized reviews.

Amazon no longer allows sellers to give a discounted or free product in exchange for a review, to protect the integrity of their review system.

iLoveToReview is informing members that they are no longer obligated to leave a review in exchange for a product they receive for free or at a discount, from sellers using the service.

An announcement on the iLoveToReview blog reads, "When launching products in any market (online or not), the practice of giving away or discounting products is common and companies will continue to do it. Even without the review component discounted sales and promotions on Amazon will continue to be a key strategy to increase sales velocity, improve ranking and make full-priced sales."

Amazon have stated that reviews written prior to the policy change are not being removed unless they are excessive, and don't comply with the prior policy.

Source: iLoveToReview

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