Xpress Lister Launches Amazon to eBay Data Import

Excel-to-eBay listing tool Xpress Lister has added support for Amazon product data files.

The new feature allows users to upload Amazon product files in Xpress Lister and automatically create eBay listings.

"There's never been an easier way to take what merchants are already selling on Amazon and sell it on eBay," said Codisto CEO Jonathan Pollard. "By providing a free tool that allows users to easily take existing Amazon products and list them on eBay we hope all Amazon's merchants will take advantage of the millions of customers that eBay has and significantly grow their sales."

The news follows eBay's announcement that their own listing tool Turbo Lister will be retired in 2017.

"Xpress Lister isn't just a substitute for Turbo Lister, it's a major improvement in terms of user experience and functionality. Automatic product categorisation and inclusion of mobile responsive sales template saves users hours configuring eBay and making listings look professional. We're thrilled Xpress Lister is filling the void for sellers left by eBay due to not investing in Turbo Lister over the years and now finally retiring it. Software of this calibre been absent for eBay sellers until now." concluded Pollard.

Online tool Xpress Lister supports listing on any eBay marketplace worldwide.

Source: Codisto

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