Jazva Announces Walmart Marketplace Integration

Multichannel management solution Jazva is now integrated with the Walmart Marketplace.

With the new integration, sellers can manage their listings, orders, fulfillment and inventory across the Walmart Marketplace. Product categories can be mapped accurately to Walmart's categories, and products can be created, updated or delisted from Jazva. The feature is currently in beta.

"Jazva is the ultimate multi-channel solution for high volume e-tailers," said Levon Shabagyan, the CEO of Jazva. "Jazva simplifies multi-channel ecommerce by streamlining processes and centralizing data. By having everything in one place, sellers can focus on expanding and growing their business."

Walmart.com is the second most-visited ecommerce site in the US, with more than 88 million unique visitors every month. Thousands of merchants have already been added to the marketplace, and third-party sellers can request an invitation online.

Source: Jazva

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