Jungle Scout Adds Support for Amazon UK, Canada, France and Germany

Amazon market research tool Jungle Scout has added support for Amazon's marketplaces in the UK, Canada, France and Germany, in addition to existing support for Amazon.com.

The new Jungle Scout Web App now allows sellers to:

  • Filter by any of the five supported marketplaces.
  • Drill down into marketplace-specific categories.
  • Organize tracked data for all marketplaces.
  • See sales estimates, in pounds, euros, USD or CAD, based on demand in the relevant marketplace.
  • View dimensions in imperial or metric units, based on the marketplace.
  • View FBA fees specific to each marketplace.
  • Identify niches in all marketplaces.

Jungle Scout's sales estimates and algorithms have been updated for each of the new marketplaces, after months of development and monitoring. The company gathers tens of millions of data points, and continuously runs regression analyses to check and improve their estimates, with a goal of being within 10% of the actual monthly sales volume.

Source: Jungle Scout

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