New SellerCloud Integrations: Netsuite, Zed Axis and 3PL Central

Inventory management system SellerCloud has released three new integrations with partners in ERP, accounting and logistics.

SellerCloud's integration with cloud-based ERP NetSuite syncs inventory between the two solutions, and sends orders to NetSuite for processing and accounting.

SellerCloud's Order Export Mapping tool can now create files formatted for Zed Axis, a QuickBooks import tool. For imports which require more customization, a specialized Zed Axis export plugin can be modified to meet those needs at an additional cost.

SellerCloud has also integrated with 3PL Central, a cloud-based warehouse management solution. SellerCloud can send orders to 3PL Central for fulfillment, and receive tracking information when the order is shipped.

Source: SellerCloud

Tagged: Supplier News
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