Efficient Era Launches Historic Amazon Review Matching

Amazon alerts, analytics and automation tool Efficient Era has introduced historic matching of product reviews to specific orders.

Efficient Era's existing Buyer-Review Matching feature also matches reviews to buyers, so sellers can address negative reviews, but only works for new reviews posted since signing up for the service.

Historic Review Matching, for an additional fee, matches all past reviews to orders, all the way back to when the seller first signed up on Amazon. There are a few exceptions, including unverified reviews, purchases from other sellers, and very large quantities of past reviews.

Historic Review Matching is available as an additional in-app purchase on a per-ASIN basis, at a price of $1 per successfully matched review.

When reviews are matched, the seller can directly reach out to customers to address their specific problem and find a solution. However, sellers are prohibited by Amazon from asking buyers to modify or remove their reviews, and must not link to websites or use the message for marketing or promotion of any kind.

Source: Efficient Era

Tagged: Amazon
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