Appeagle Adds Option to Reprice Based on Profit

Marketplace repricing tool Appeagle can now estimate Amazon and eBay selling fees to provide accurate profit calculation.

The integration of marketplace fees has made it possible for Appeagle users to set profit-based min and max prices for Amazon and eBay listings.

Previously, Appeagle users had to manually input their min and max prices or use a formula builder to calculate them approximately.

Appeagle's profit column now shows estimated profit by including the cost of goods, marketplace fees, shipping fees and FBA fees.

Amazon fees are calculated using Amazon's GetMyFeesEstimate API call, while eBay fees are calculated at 10% of the final sale price.

Shipping costs are tied to SKU-level information pulled from Amazon and eBay. Users also have the ability to manually input costs or upload costs in bulk using templates and hosted file uploads.

Appeagle users can also take advantage of integrations with Skubana, SellerCloud and E-Com Solutions to import product costs.

Source: Appeagle

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