TaxJar Adds Walmart Integration; Enhances AutoFile and Sales Tax Calculator

US sales tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar can now import orders from the Walmart marketplace.

Marketplace sellers on Walmart can import new orders, and up to 90 days of past orders, into TaxJar. Older orders can be imported using a CSV file. TaxJar then calculates the sales tax due to each US state where the seller is liable.

TaxJar has also improved its AutoFile functionality, which automatically submits state sales tax returns. TaxJar users can now easily see the status of state filings from the dashboard to determine if a filing is scheduled, processing, or filed. The dashboard also shows the exact date when a filing will be processed and filed by TaxJar, rather than the state's filing deadline.

TaxJar's sales tax calculator, SmartCalcs, now provides faster rate lookups by using address autocompletion technology from Addressy. The calculator automatically fills in city, zip code, and country when the user starts typing an address.

Source: TaxJar

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