New Amazon Reporting and Analytics Tool amz4seller

A new analytics and marketing tool for Amazon sellers, amz4seller, has been launched.

amz4seller includes sales reporting, PPC advertising analytics, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and more.

The analytics features include product traffic trends and sales profit analysis. Traffic trends can show product view data that Amazon Seller Central does not provide, and generate trend charts to make easy comparisons. Sellers can add memos to key points, such as ads being run, sales promotions, out of stock events etc. By analyzing the effects of these events, the tool helps sellers to make decisions that boost sales.

The PPC advertising analysis in amz4seller takes ad data from Amazon, analyzes performance, and intelligently generates keywords lists and optimization suggestions. The development team have worked with experienced Amazon sellers to create this tool and its optimization engine.

amz4seller's future plans include using data mining and AI techniques to not only show historical data, but also to provide future forecasts and optimization suggestions, to aid decision making and help sellers become more efficient.

Source: amz4seller

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