Profit Bandit Announces Scanning Improvements

Mobile research tool for Amazon sellers Profit Bandit is testing an update focused on improvements to its scanning functionality.

Profit Bandit will have a new camera-based scanner, based on the most up-to-date technology from Google and Apple, for users who don't have a bluetooth scanner, allowing faster and easier scanning.

Tests show that the new scanner opens in less than 1 second and focuses and scans fast. It works by targeting barcodes within a square outline. When a barcode falls inside its borders it lets the scanner quickly focus and scan.

In addition, the update of Profit Bandit for Android will no longer require an extra app to connect to a bluetooth scanner. Android users will be able to connect their device much more easily.

The company behind Profit Bandit, SellerEngine, will be exhibiting at the Las Vegas PROSPER Show this March 11-14.

Source: SellerEngine

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