New Online Arbitrage Tool Launches: SourceMogul

Technology company X4 software have released a new online arbitrage deal-finder called SourceMogul.

SourceMogul lets Amazon marketplace sellers discover pricing differences between the ecommerce giant and 100+ other retailers, like Walmart in the USA and Tesco in the UK. Sellers can then source products at lower prices and re-sell on Amazon to exploit the price differential.

Users can either search specific Amazon categories, or entire retailers. The platform includes trading data to help filter products, like embedded Keepa sales rank and price history charts, competitor info and a breakdown of all fees.

At launch, SourceMogul searches 50 UK and 50 US online stores, depending on which account users register for. One of the most innovative features is brand restrictions checking. This will advise users if any products are restricted for their personal Amazon account. This is a common pain point for arbitrage traders – they find a seemingly perfect opportunity then discover they're not allowed to sell it. SourceMogul checks restrictions with Amazon at the click of a button.

SourceMogul founder, Ed Brooks, said: "We want to make sure SourceMogul really delivers exactly what Amazon sellers want. We just want feedback to fine tune it from the customer perspective. It's not going to be in beta for terribly long. All beta applicants get a 7 day no-obligation free trial anyway."

While in beta, SourceMogul is offering a lifetime discount to the first 50 UK customers and first 50 US customers that subscribe.

Source: SourceMogul

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