StoreFeeder Releases Automatic Pricing Profiles

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder can now automatically control a seller's marketplace pricing.

The new feature gives shop owners peace of mind that profits will be maintained despite fluctuations in the marketplace that are beyond their control.

Pricing profiles allows shop owners to create a formula using a set of predefined tokens. Pricing profiles can then be linked to listings and a dynamic price will be calculated in accordance with your margin expectation. Anytime that a token changes the price will be recalculated. For example; this will help merchants when a supplier feed updates the cost price of a product. As supplier costs can be one of the tokens assigned to pricing profiles, the listing price will be automatically updated.

Merchants who use the StoreFeeder platform will have the ability to set their tokens, they can range from currency exchange rates, to cost price, shipping costs, discounts, channel charges and VAT or tax setting. As with all StoreFeeder features this one has been designed with the shop owner in mind. No two business are the same and StoreFeeder have taken this into account in the development of this power pricing tool.

StoreFeeder enterprise accounts will get access to the new feature automatically, and other accounts can have this feature added to their plan.

Source: StoreFeeder

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