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Khaos Control Cloud Adds Email Automation, Consolidated Pick Sheets, App Marketplace

British ecommerce ERP Khaos Control Cloud has released a number of new features and improvements in its April update.

The update includes:

  • Email automation, which allows users to send out purchase orders, sales orders, acknowledgements and quotes from the sales and purchasing screens.
  • Consolidated pick sheets, so customers can print off multiple orders on one sheet instead of batches of individual sheets.
  • Supplier price lists, providing access to supplier price lists from within the application.
  • Barcode scanning, allowing users to scan invoice barcodes to find orders within the system, and to book goods in or mark items as delivered from a purchase order.

Khaos Control Cloud have also launched a new app marketplace, where partner companies can showcase extensions built on top of their API. The marketplace currently features plugins for Magento, with support for EKM, TrueLoaded, Gryphen POS, Blue Alligator POS, SmartConsign and Parcelhub coming soon.

Source: Khaos Control Cloud for April Update and App Marketplace

Tagged: Supplier News
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